Instant Online Negotiation

Offline Negotiation

Dynamic Pricing

Shopping Cart Negotiation

A/B Testing

Mobile Marketplace

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Price Negotiation

Artificial Intelligence Meets Consumers on Their Terms

Our advanced price negotiation system allows your customers to “make an offer” for the price they would like to pay on select items. PricePong will provide them with a suitable counter-offer based upon things like item popularity,

stock, etc.

Personalized Pricing

Convert Shoppers Into Buyers Through a Personalized Shopping Experience

Our personalized pricing system creates profiles of your customers, based on their personal data, to help deliver a price specifically suited for them.

Higher conversions through machine learning optimized pricing that is highly personalized and relevant.

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Price Comparison

Our price comparison system combs the web for prices on an item to make sure your clients are receiving the most competitive pricing on their purchases.

PricePong is the intelligent solution for your e-Commerce business

We offer tools for tailoring pricing to your diverse, and unique customer base

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Customer Insight

We know what your customers want. It’s written right there in their data past purchases, browser history, “likes”, hashes, tweet. These all come together to create a personalized profile for each of your customers.

Intelligent Algorithms

Our system is smart. It knows how to optimize each transaction to maximize the benefit to your business. By analyzing factors from your inventory system, it makes intelligent decisions maximizing benefit to the vendor, while prioritizing customer conversion.


Our system is entirely configurable to the specific needs of your business. Not only is each implementation uniquely tailored to your site, but it can evolve to meet the changing needs of your business. Holiday promotions? You can set your rules to match. Didn’t work last year? Change rules as needed.

We can integrate into your e-Commerce platform

Let us empower your business with state of the art custom pricing technology.

Watch your conversion rate soar.


71 Stevenson St, Ste. 446

San Francisco, CA 94105